Don’t lose your child?

Beloved, Christian parents of today have a big, challenging, difficult task ahead of them in bringing up their children. Today our children our faced with a world where immorality, immodest dressing, partying, clubbing, alcohol drinking, drug use, dating from a very young age, sexual relations, living together without marrying, same-sex relations, pornography and a belief that there is no God is all normal, acceptable and not wrong at all. Further there are some unbelievers who allow their kids to do whatever they want. So, when your kids are faced with a world like this, they are going to challenge you saying let us lead our own life like the other kids. The church of today thinks that by bringing the world into the church they can keep our kids away from sin. However, the reverse is happening. The church ends up preparing them for sin whilst they are in church. So how are we going to face this challenge?

1) Don’t bring the world into the church. It does not work. Changing the church to look and sound like a club does not keep your kid away from satan’s clutches. Compromise does not work in this spiritual battle.

2) We as parents & elders cannot be lukewarm Christians (Revelation 3:14-18). Our spiritual life must be on fire and growing from glory to glory and we must be passionate about living righteous lives. Children learn from parents & elders. So, the example begins with us. Fathers, if you are unholy, full of rage, cursing, abusive, full of lust, drinking, smoking, partying; then your kids will turn out just the same. Mothers, if you dress immodestly, then your daughters will also do the same. Further your sons will also learn to look at women as objects of lust only always.

3) Put God’s Word in their hearts and minds. Teach them the righteousness of Christ even when they are in the womb. Start early. Plant the Word early. Preach salvation to them from small it will save them (Romans 1:16).

4) I am busy, I have so much work, I am earning to give my family a better life, let the church Sunday school teach my kids about God – Such excuses will send your child straight into satan’s traps. God put the responsibility of bringing up children in the fear of the Lord on parents in particular the fathers. Ephesians 6:4 begins by saying ‘And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord.’

5) Learn to say ‘no’. You will be saying ‘no’ a lot as parents in this day and age. The world would say normal, acceptable and human right to many things but according to God’s Word it is abnormal, unacceptable and a sin in God’s sight. So, to follow God’s Word strictly means saying ‘no’ on many occasions to your kids who do not understand the spiritual significance of the matter or satan’s trap that is hidden beneath.

6) Above all, shower them with love, affection and attention from day one. Colossians 3:14 says ‘but above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection.’ Many kids go astray because of lack of love, affection and attention at home. Understand something very important as parents; children of any age be it 5, 10 or even 16 or 18 years do not understand adult logic and reasoning. They only know and experience love when they see their parents with them, talking to them, showing interest in them and being with them. Hence why I said earlier your excuses to not spending time with them such as ‘I am busy, I am working, I am tired’ will send your child straight into the hands of satan who is hiding behind every tv, mobile and computer screen today with so much of his temptations.

Beloved, do you love your kids? Then make sure they will walk with God and enter heaven. Giving them a good future on earth is excellent, but what about their eternal future. Think a minute. Do you think about your children’s eternal future? Are you concerned at all about them living righteous lives above all else? May God bless you.

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