Have you heard of spiritual abuse?

The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep John 10:11

Beloved, have you experienced spiritual abuse in your life? Many of us know about physical and sexual abuse but spiritual abuse is one thing that I am seeing happening a lot in the body of Christ. Spiritual abuse is when a servant of God uses his/her position of authority and influence to manipulate, exploit and control people by misusing the Word of God, the gifts of Holy Spirit or by the use of fear. Peter writes in detail about this in 2 Peter chapter 2. In verse 3 the Word says ‘by covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words.’ Beloved, shepherds are called to lead, feed and provide guidance. They however do not have authority to manipulate, exploit or control. They cannot make statements like if you come to my service, you cannot go anywhere else. They cannot put fear by saying if you do not give your offerings to me judgement will come. They cannot manipulate/exploit by use of prophecy and word of knowledge and get you to do what they want. There have been many instances where servants of God through counselling sessions have taken control of the minds of women and used them for their pleasure. Beloved, be vigilant, watchful and discerning. Those who are suffering spiritual abuse will often be following, serving and hero worshipping a servant of God rather than the Lord Jesus. So, protect yourself by asking Holy Spirit discernment where ever you attend for worship. May God bless you.