Sinhala Translation/සිංහල පරිවර්තනය > දෙවියන් වහන්සේ ඔබට බලාසිටිමට සලස්වා තිබේද


Hi friends, recently after the lockdown had lifted, me and my wife visited a certain office to get some work done. Just to handover a set of documents to this office we were kept waiting for more than half a day. Many people had come to hand over their documents on that day and each was given a number and told to wait until their number was called. Despite going early in the morning to get a number, by the time we were called up, half a day was gone. The funniest thing however was that it did not even take a minute for the person from that office to check the documents and accept it. We waited hours just to complete a task that did not even take a minute to complete.

Friends, waiting is something that is extremely hard for many of us. We have got so used to a world that is fast paced and instant that even waiting a few minutes seems like ages for us. However, with the Lord Jesus nothing is fast paced and instant. With Him there is always a period of waiting before the promise and the blessing comes into our life.

As we read through the Bible, we see every man and woman of God were made to wait for a certain time period before the promises of God were fulfilled in their lives. Abraham was made to wait. Joseph was made to wait. Moses was made to wait. David was made to wait. Even our loving Lord Jesus set an example for us by waiting till He was 30 years of age on this earth to begin His ministry. So, if you want to be blessed by the Lord Jesus, you will have to get used to the concept of waiting. He will most surely make you go through a period of waiting before He exalts you.

So why does He make us wait? There are 5 reasons which I have personally experienced in my life. Well let me give the 5 reasons in simple and short points.

1) He makes us wait to prepare us to receive the promise. His preparation includes sanctifying us, changing us, transforming us to be more like Him.

2) Waiting builds patience within us. Patience is a godly virtue which God wants all His children to have.

3) Waiting increases your fellowship with God and you draw even more closer to Him.

4) Waiting makes you dependent on God for everything. During the period of waiting you will come to realise that no one can help you except God. Hence your dependence on Him will be 100%. This in turn makes your faith stronger.

5) Waiting makes you sensitive to the guidance and direction of Holy Spirit. During the period of waiting you will come to realise that whatever you do in your flesh will come to failure. Hence all your knowledge, wisdom and abilities are brought to zero. It is the wisdom of Holy Spirit only that will show you the way forward.

Friends, when the period of waiting is done and completed, the Lord Himself will begin to open doors and you will be amazed at the speed with which the Lord begins to accomplish things in your life. I can personally testify to this.

Now here are some common questions that many have regarding waiting for the Lord.

  • What do I do whilst I am waiting?

Nothing at all. Nothing you do by your own strength is going to succeed. All you can do is keep giving thanks to the Lord for what He has going to do for you in His time.

  • How long do I have to wait?

God has already decided the time period for our waiting. He is in control of your life. Don’t think about the length of time but focus on surrendering to the Lord completely so that what He wants to do within you will be done in a timely manner. If you delay the surrender, you will extend the waiting time.

  • Is waiting going to be a hard thing for me?

Well I am not going to lie to you. Waiting is hard simply because we have gotten used to a fast paced and instant lifestyle. Hence there will be times where you will feel impatient, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged, and anxious. However, God’s grace will be sufficient for you during the time of your waiting. His Spirit will grant you the strength to overcome all the negative emotions that will go through your mind during those times.

Friends, 2020 has been a year of waiting for quite a number of us. To me the Lord clearly spoke and said it is a year of preparation for me, so wait. Don’t be in a hurry to go ministering. This year you must be refreshed by Me for the things I must accomplish through your life.

Maybe He has told you also something similar about your life. The best thing you can do in this period of waiting is draw closer to Jesus. Get to know Him more. Psalm 27:14 says ‘Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord’. When you wait for the Lord; Ecclesiastes 3:11 says He will make all things beautiful in His time. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ grant you the strength to wait for Him.