Your home is your church now

Hi friends, the psalmist declares that one day in the presence of God is better than spending 1000 days elsewhere.

Where do we find God’s presence? Everywhere His children gather to pray (Matthew 18:19-20). Daily join together with your family and pray. You will see God’s presence fill your home.

Your home is your church now. God’s desire is for daily fellowship with you in your homes. His desire is that every believer matures into becoming a disciple/leader in the Kingdom.

In keeping with the above why don’t you practice the following in this time.

1)Gather with your family at a set time either once a week or twice a week or even daily and have church in your own homes. You can invite others to attend your home service if you desire. If you are the only believer in your home, then you can do it by yourself or join with other believers close by and have the service.

2) Select some songs, sing and spend time in praise and worship.

3) Select a portion of scripture, write down some points or a small sermon and share it with the others after the praise and worship.

4) Take communion at every service in your home. Before you partake in communion read Matthew 26:26-29 & 1 Corinthians 11:23-32 out loud for all to hear.

5) After communion pray for the following points
– The nation of Sri Lanka, the leadership, and the economy
– An open door for the gospel and revival in the body of Christ in Sri Lanka.
– All pastors and evangelists to be equipped for the future work
– Blessing upon your family, finances and future.

You will experience a mighty presence of God in your homes as you do this. We have experienced this in our home as we commenced doing the above daily. All glory to the Lord.