Divine Healing

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A lot of jokes are going around poking fun saying all the faith healers are in hiding during this virus. Some are challenging saying why don’t these faith healers go to all the hospitals and heal people. All this has come about because of the crazy actions of 2 people in Sri Lanka.

We know that this disease is a sign of the end times. We know that this is a judgement for the wickedness of mankind and a call to all of humanity to repent and turn back to Him. So, the question is will Jesus heal people from Coronavirus? Yes, He will, if people will call unto Him.

I believe in divine healing where the Lord Jesus Himself heals us. I do not believe in faith healers – men who claim to do miracles. Though they mention the name of Jesus, they do not do it for Jesus. What do I mean? There is a difference.  I can mention the name of Jesus in my ministry but everything I do is not for Him or His glory but to glorify myself and draw attention to myself. I put on a big show, call for testimonies and make a big scene not to glorify the Lord but to draw attention to myself as a mighty man. This results in either half healings and overly exaggerated testimonies or staged/pre-arranged testimonies.

The problem today is many look to a man to receive their healing. The world also looks at these faith healers and jokingly challenge saying show us your healing power. The end result is the Name of the Lord being put to shame.

However, I want to confidently remind everyone today, that Jesus heals even today, and nothing is impossible for Him. All we have to do is call out to Him. James 5:14-15 says ‘Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.  And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.’

Servants of God are called to only pray for the sick. It is the Lord who heals them. We must direct the people to look to Jesus and Jesus alone. To cry out to Him. To seek Him. To repent of their sin and follow Him. The Lord will heal the sick. The Lord will raise them up from the death bed.

Servants of God are not to make a big deal out of the healings that happen. Jesus very often told those He healed not to go and publicize it. We must follow the same example. We do not need to publicize healings.


Why do some people not get healed is a question that many ask? Is it a lack of faith?

One thing I believe is that as a servant of God, the more we surrender to Him and die to our self, the more His power will begin to flow through our ministry for God’s glory. 2 Corinthians 4:10 ‘We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.’ ‘Carry around in our body the death of Jesus’ is perfectly explained in Romans chapter 6. We must die to sin. Die to our flesh. Die to our self.  The life of Jesus means His character and His power (Acts 10:38).

However, we also see something in the ministry of Jesus that helps answer this question to a certain extent.

As we read the 4 gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), we see Jesus healing many sick people whom He met one on one like Bartimaeus, the 10 lepers, Jairus’ daughter and many, many others like that. In John 5:1-14, there were many sick people by the pool of Bethesda, but Jesus healed only one man who was disabled for 38 years. When we read Matthew 4:23-24, 8:16, 9:35, 15:30-31, Mark 1:34, 3:10, Luke 4:40, Luke 7:21 there are instances where it says Jesus healed all, Jesus healed many, Jesus healed every sickness and disease.

What am I trying to tell you? There are times Jesus healed all and times He healed many. Where it says ‘many’, there is a high possibility where He did not heal some. Why is that? Is His power limited? His power is not limited. Nothing is impossible for Him.

However, there is another aspect of the character of God that we must remember. Scripture says in Romans 9:18 ‘Therefore God has mercy on whom He wants to have mercy’. Nothing is impossible for God. He can heal every kind of sickness. However, the decision to heal is His alone. Why does He not heal everybody? There are some answers to questions only God knows, and He has not revealed it to us. All we are commanded to do is pray for the sick in faith and leave the rest for Him to do.

Does this mean if you ask Him to heal you today, there is a possibility He will not heal you? In Matthew 8:2, Mark 1:40 and Luke 5:12 when the leper asked Jesus, if You are willing, You can heal me, Jesus immediately replied, I am willing and healed him. If you seek Jesus directly, He is always willing to heal. This is the point I made earlier on in the article. Look to Jesus and Jesus alone. Cry out to Him. Seek Him. Repent of your sin and follow Him. He is willing to heal you when you ask Him. Don’t run behind any man. Yes, Holy Spirit anoints people with the gift of healing and miracles but at the end of the day the power belongs to Him and He does the healings. So even if we have received such gifts, those gifts must be used for the glory of Jesus alone and not your personal glory and fame. We must direct people to have faith in Jesus and seek Him. Only then will they receive healing.

So, Jesus can and will heal those who have coronavirus. All that they have to do is cry to Him and look to Him only. He will heal them. Our duty during this time is to ignore the scoffers and continue to pray in faith for the healing of those who are suffering with this sickness. God will do the rest.