About me

Who am I?

I am an evangelist who travels across Sri Lanka with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After a career in the banking career, I answered the Lord’s call to be a full time evangelist in my motherland. To read my personal testimony, please scroll down.

What am I called to do?


Evangelize 1/3rd of Sri Lanka’s population to be disciples of Christ.


Relationship and Discipleship – Bringing people into a relationship with Christ and making them disciples so that they in turn become soul winners.

A church in every Community – Sri Lanka is made up of more than thousands upon thousands of villages. The burden that the Lord has placed within me is that each village should have a church gathering either in a believer’s house or even a separate building. The current model of starting a church in a main city or town and subsequently putting up a big building and expecting people from all over to come there is not effective. We must go into all the villages in that area and plant a church. The churches planted in each community can come under a shepherding of a main church located in the principal town of that area. However the model/strategy for church planting must be a Church in every Community. This way we are able to reach more people because there is a gathering of people in every village where the unbeliever resides.


Media – Missions – Meetings

  • Teach the Word through Print and Social Media
  • Missions to evangelize new souls by partnering with all churches and all denominations in Sri Lanka and travelling across Sri Lanka preaching and teaching God’s Word. Partnering with main churches to plant a church in every community by starting it off in a home of a believer.
  • Regular weekly/monthly Discipleship Meetings to raise up people to evangelize more people.


If you wish to support our work for the Lord Jesus Christ, you may send your kind offerings to the following bank account. May God bless you for your kindness.

Account Name: R S R Daniels
Account No      : 8251000084
Bank                  : Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd
Branch              : Dehiwela Arpico Super Centre Branch
Bank Code        : 7056
Branch Code    : 251

Romesh Daniels



My early life



I was born into a Christian family who began serving God in full-time ministry in 1994. My parents used to take me on all their evangelism missions and I used to watch first-hand the power of God at work. My first step into ministry was at the age of 13 when I began selling Audio Cassettes of my father’s sermon and then started playing the guitar and the keyboards for the meetings conducted by my parents. I never had much of an intention to go into full-time ministry as I was very successful in my education. Hence my focus  was more on building a career in the secular world. However in the year 1996, the late Brother D.G.S Dhinakaran laid hands on me and the Lord spoke through him and said, ‘I will raise you to the highest level in the secular world, but when you are at the highest point, I will call you to leave all that and come serve me and go all over with the gospel.’ I completed my school education and then my Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree with my eye solely fixed on moving up the corporate ladder. The prophecy that I had received had been forgotten by me.

My Journey into full-time ministry begins…


After I finished my degree, for 2 years I could not get a job. Despite all the people with influence whom we informed and the hundreds of applications I sent in response to paper advertisements, nothing worked out for me. However, one day in the month of June in 2006 whilst we were in Nuwara Eliya for a crusade, I happened to notice half a page of a Sunday newspaper on our lunch table. This torn half page had a job advertisement for a Financial Analyst at HSBC. I did not have the suitable qualification for that post but in my desperation when we came back to Colombo I applied for the post.

Miracle Job


What a wonder! Without any influence, I got the job. Furthermore, the Lord promoted me within the next 12 months to the post of Manager and kept on promoting me thereafter. Much later the person who recruited me told me that when they received all the applications for this job, they sorted it out into 2 lots. One huge lot had all the people with the required qualifications and then there was one application all alone by itself on the other side. That lone application was mine. This person went through my application and something in his heart told him, call him for an interview even though he does not have the required qualifications. He told me he was glad that he listened to that voice in his heart because I have been such a great asset to the organization ever since the day I joined. That voice was non-other than our Lord Jesus who spoke to that person who was an unbeliever to perform a wonder for me. The place that He had ordained for me, the Lord brought to me through a wonder.  For 10 years I worked in this organization and the Lord blessed me abundantly. He took me higher and higher and made me shine like a star there. All throughout this time the only ministry that I did was play the keyboards. Beyond that my involvement in ministry was very minimal.

Time for a step of faith


After Pastor Lancelot, my father went to be with the Lord, at the first meeting we had on the 12th of May 2011, I made a decision to start preaching. It was I who preached to that 20 people on that day. After that once a month I would preach. To be honest I was not that good at the start but as time went on the Lord began to teach me and train me little by little. A few small healings used to happen but nothing major. In the year 2013, I began to sense a tug in my heart – a call to come into full-time ministry. That same year at the Jesus Calls Prophetic conference held in Colombo, on the first day through Sister Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran and on the final day through Dr.Paul Dhinakaran, Holy Spirit spoke the exact same word of prophecy saying the anointing of Elisha is coming upon me and re-confirmed the calling of God upon my life and what the Lord is expecting from me.

However, I was hesitant because I had the housing loan of close to Rs.9 million and the ministry was mostly being financed by my salary. The offerings we received at that time was insufficient to cover the ministry expenses. Nevertheless, I told the Lord if you will settle my housing loan in full, I will come into full-time ministry. In late 2012, the organization I worked for changed the method in which they calculated the Provident and Pension fund of staff. As I re-checked the amount under this new calculation method in 2015, I realised something amazing. The total amount of my Provident and Pension fund and my loan outstanding amount were exactly the same. I could easily settle off the loan and walk out of the bank. The Lord had already done another great wonder for me without me even realizing it.

However, being a human who was still very weak in faith, I delayed the decision a little more. In the early part of my career I received quite a number of promotions in a short span of time but since 2013, my career had hit a permanent block. I was not progressing at all. In May 2015, my mother, Sister Gladys was sick and thus could not attend a crusade we had organized in Walapane. We decided not to cancel the meetings and that I would go and do it. On the first day of the meeting I was shivering in fear at the prospect of doing a crusade all alone. That day before the meeting, I told the Lord, ‘If you will do amazing miracles today, I will most definitely come into full-time ministry.’

God kept His side of the promise

What a wonder! That day for the very first time in my life, I saw creative miracles taking place as I prayed. The lame walked, the blind saw, the deaf heard and hundreds of healings on both of the days. This time I decided to keep my promise to the Lord. I decided to complete all my responsibilities properly and give adequate notice to the bank and leave in March of 2016. 30th of March 2016 was my last day at work.

With the Provident and Pension fund amount plus the cash gift that my colleagues in the bank gave me on my last working day, I settled my housing loan in full, cancelled my credit card and settled it in full and entered into full-time ministry debt-free but with a zero-bank balance in my personal bank account. Interestingly after I handed my letter of resignation I began to receive some amazing job offers both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

However, I knew those were not God’s will. His will was for me was to serve Him for the rest of my life. Since 1st of April 2016 till today, I testify that I lack nothing. Financially we are blessed. All our needs are met and we are prospering by the Grace of God. He is a faithful God. A God who does wonders for His children. Psalm 139:16-18 ‘all the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be. How precious to me are Your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand.’


The greatest blessing

I thank God for blessing me with a loving, blessed, anointed wife who is full of grace and favour. In January 2018, when I wrote to Dr.Paul Dhinkaran regarding my marriage, he replied saying this year God will do it. Likewise in December our marriage was confirmed. We were joined together in holy matrimony on the 12th of November 2019. The Lord Himself has given me the perfect helper to His Work. Rasanjalee is a mighty prayer warrior and a woman of great grace. This is the greatest blessing that I have received from my loving Lord Jesus who has written down our futures in His hands.