Gospel Poems



There’s a love that’s deep and knows no end,
Which never condemns but forever perfects,
A love with a colour that flows like a river,
Its feel is like a refreshing shower
But it is full of mighty power,
Crimson Red it flows to heal and deliver,
Crimson Red it pours to change every believer,
This love has a name that forever remains,
Christ – who is love defined by blood divine.



MY BOASTING (Galatians 6:14)


I will not boast of how you use me,
I will not boast of how much you do through me.
Of the miracles, signs and wonders,
Of the blessings, growth, expansion
Of the duration of prayer and fasting
Or the knowledge of scripture or power manifested,
Lord I won’t ever boast before heaven or earth.
But of this one thing forever I boast,
Before men of every colour, caste and creed,
I boast of a Saviour who came from glory,
Who died to give me a brand new story,
Who ascended on high to send a Helper below,
And is coming back soon to take all of His own,
Of Him I shall boast until I see Him in my eternal home.





He came to save a world of wretched sinners,
He was born to give life to souls in sin’s dark prison,
He was made flesh to bear all our tears and sorrows,
He was humbled that we might be high and exalted,
How great is our Father’s love who left His throne of glory
To be seen lying in a manger lowly.
Let’s humbly give thanks to Him with joy
As we remember our Saviour whose love we have.





A year has come and gone once more
Another is now knocking on our door
As the clock strikes and the new year dawns
On this one truth we shall always stand upon
Grace has brought us here thus far
And Grace will lead us through once more
Higher than we have ever been before
In this New year Grace will take us till Christ comes once more.



TEARS OF PRAYER (Psalm 56:8)

Asian woman is praying and shed tear.

Every tear is indeed a prayer,
Prayed from a heart that’s in despair.
Every cry is a petition,
Raised from a soul in affliction.
Your supplication He won’t deny,
Your plea He will not cast aside.
For every prayer He will answer
And every torn heart He will grant comfort.
A God of compassion He is,
And answer He will and healing He will bring,
Your tears into laughter, your sorrow into joy
Like water into wine, He will turn it today.



ONLY TRUE FAITHFUL ONE (Deuteronomy 7:9)


More surer than the Sun shining tomorrow,
More certain than the Moon being sighted tonight,
More reliable than the appearance of seasons,
More loyal than one’s own flesh and blood,
Is the Lord our Saviour THE ONLY TRUE FAITHFUL ONE’.



HIS GRACE IS ENOUGH (2 Corinthians 12:10)


In our weakness, we have His Strength
In our darkness, we see His Light
In our tears, we receive His comfort
In our failures, we see His redirection
In our losses, we see His plan unfolding,
No matter what happens in life His Grace is enough,
All sufficient for this race called life.


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