Sermons (audio)

Are you ready to move forward in life?

Are you ready to move forward in life? Then there is something you have to do first in order to move forward. Otherwise you will always be stuck in one place. Listen to find out what it is…

Have we understood the New Covenant correctly?

What is the New Covenant of Grace? What should be the main goal of every believer under the New Covenant? Why is the Word so important? How does Holy Spirit work under the New Covenant? Are these modern manifestations such as falling, rolling, shaking, laughing, involuntary movements of the body, turning round and round all from Holy Spirit or another spirit? Find answers for all these questions and much more when you listen to this sermon..

Do we have a true revelation of who Jesus is?

Cleopas and his friend met Jesus on their way to Emmaus. After his meeting with Jesus that day, Cleopas had a different but true revelation of who Jesus is, than what he had before that. This revelation made his faith stronger. This revelation will make our faith stronger too. Listen to this sermon to find out more about this revelation….

Do you feel like giving up on life?

Do you feel like giving up on life? Are you growing weary and losing heart? Listen to this sermon & have your strength renewed.

Son of David, have mercy on me!!!

Do you know how great the mercy of God is? Do you know what happens when you cry out for mercy from God? Listen to this blessed sermon and have your body, soul and spirit strengthened today.

An anointing for the last days

God is building up an army for the end times, to prepare this world for His soon return. Listen and Learn about His great plan for the church in the last days.

Strong Character

God promised Joshua the Promised Land. However to receive the promise to his hand, Joshua had to do something. What was that? When we receive a promise, we too have to do the same things. Listen to this sermon and have your faith made stronger.

Hidden Person of the Heart

What does God look at? How does He judge our fruit. Listen to this sermon and have the eyes of your understanding opened.

Spiritual Goals

We all have goals to achieve for our personal lives. Do we have goals for our spiritual lives? Here are 4 spirituals goals that will help growing toward spiritual maturity and the fullness of Christ. Listen to this Audio sermon. You will be blessed.

Are you living by Grace

Why did Jesus start His teaching on prayer with ‘Our Father who art in Heaven.’? We have been saved by Grace but are we living by Grace? Did you know that Joseph lived by Grace eventhough he lived in times that were even before the First covenant? This sermon is going to bless you greatly.

A promise of God that many don’t like…

The Word of God has given us many promises. However there is one promise that many do not like to hear about. What is that promise?

Discipline your SELF

What is Holiness?

Lead us not into temptation